Monday, 12 November 2012

BBC – something rotten in the state of Britain

I’ve never been a fan of the BBC.

In recent decades it’s been good at comedy, I’ll grant that, but pisspoor at most other things that broadcasters are supposed to do.

Now its demons – which I’ve been pointing out for years – are showcasing themselves in a most unedifying public spectacle.

Let me name those demons: arrogance; a misplaced sense of superiority; corporate self-love; sloppy journalism; greedy pigs of news executives; and the sickly deference shown to the Beeb’s mediocre pool of “talent” - i.e. “stars” such as Jimmy Savile.

And while some among the BBC staff are good people, many display the sort of hate-filled Liberal-Fascist tendencies that are indefensible and increasingly beyond parody.

All the same, I want the BBC to survive its current difficulties and emerge from them stronger, slimmer, not so bureaucratic, and more in tune with the public it claims to serve.

What a MASSIVE culture shift that’s going to take!

If I were the new DG I would start with a cull of all BBC employees caught reading The Guardian. That should clear out 90 per cent of the editorial staff.

PS As for the current media coverage, who gives a damn about the career difficulties of overpaid state-regulated broadcasting managers?

What really matters is the evil done to vulnerable people by paedophiles.