Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Am-Dram antics and 'issues' overload at Corrie

Ken Barlow’s return to the Street was creakily-scripted and over-acted.

“How could you NOT TELL ME?!” he screamed, Am-Dram style, at Deirdre, after discovering that the corny ‘who-killed-Tina?’ storyline had resulted in his alcoholic son Peter being in jail.

And only in a soap that’s lost its way would you get Peter Barlow getting advice from an inmate who is also a philosopher.

Another cliché Corrie peddled last night was the insufferable middle class ‘doctor knows best’ attitude of GPs – but at least that has SOME anchor in social reality.

Meanwhile … It Has Been Decided … that young Max will be diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Well, at least the producers will be able to tick that off their long list of ‘compassionate’ liberal issues to be dealt with by their sinking soap.
I predict an ADHD Helpline up sometime soon ’for those who may have been affected by events in tonight’s episode’.

I’ll tell you one thing. My attention certainly slips whenever Corrie’s on these days.

Just like it has for the incredible 14 million or so viewers this once great drama has lost over the past 30 years or so ...   

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