Monday, 15 April 2013

Why 'celebrating' Thatcher's death is shameful

I am currently ashamed to be British. The continuing determination of quite large numbers of people to 'celebrate' the death of Margaret Thatcher has made me feel this way.

I was NEVER a supporter of Mrs Thatcher, by the way. But the widespread willingness to celebrate her death betrays a big loss of compassion and a weakening of moral discernment among people of the Left in politics.

(And I count myself as someone on the Left in political terms.)

Also, the powerful bitterness and hatred exhibited to a frail old woman who has died after a debilitating illness – quite simply it disgusts me.

This is not about politics. It is about respect for the dead – i.e. respect for human life.

Particularly galling was the outpouring of wormwood from the sneering gob of Glenda Jackson during the tribute debate in the Commons last week.

If only the Hamsptead luvvie understood the words 'respect' and 'dignity' as well as she does 'bitterness' and 'showboating'.

And now the BBC and other media are starting to report the prospect of demonstrations and 'turning of backs' along the route of the London funeral procession as a morally neutral issue. Such displays will not be morally neutral. They will be bad and degrading to our country.

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