Friday, 24 October 2008

Sex education for everybody – even Scouts

OVER the past 30 years or so there has been an unparalleled growth in sex education of the young.
These days even the Scouts are getting in on the gig.
And now our mad Government is planning sex lessons in schools in England for kids as young as five.
Already, generations have grown into “maturity” having had lessons in the horribly distorted version of the birds and the bees doled out by hard-faced, ideological liberals.
Hundreds of thousands of people are already making a living out of sex and sexuality advice and services, one way or another.
Abortion clinics are just about our country’s only growth sector, for instance.
But is the average Wayne and Waynetta any better off after all these years of State-sponsored values-free sex education?
Our own observation and experience would suggest not – because every day we see families break up.
Every day adults take a very selfish attitude about sex; it’s all about them and their pleasure.
And every day people feel they are on their own as inadequate players in a big sexual game where the old rules are off and they are bombarded by images of the sexually attractive.
Plus, because of modern sex education, the prevailing view of sex is a confused conflation of “rights”, freedom to choose, and protection against contagion.
That’s all wrong. For humans, sex must always be about more than the “freedom” to act upon instincts and achieve gratification. That might be all right for animals, but we humans are supposed to be superior beings with moral consciences.
The fact is that we would have all been better off if we had stuck to what was the traditional teaching about sex in these islands – namely that the only morally proper sexual intercourse that can take place is between a man and a woman within wedlock.
That sort of traditional relationship is pro-creational in a very good way, because it offers the possibility of children who can grow up with the care of a family around them.
The above is the ideal obviously. Most of us will from time to time, even most of the time, fall short of the standard.
That is to be expected, but at least we ought to know what the standard is and aim for it: otherwise we are floundering.
And there will be those who are gay and will want to form same sex relationships, for companionship or something more passionate. For some, of course, that’s always going to be tricky area, despite what the liberal sexuality preachers and popular soap operas might have us believe.
We can be clear on two things: every human being (male, female, gay and straight) is of equal worth and dignity and should be accorded respect.
What each of us does with our sexuality is a matter for our conscience. Some of us may not be able to keep to the ideal standard expected.
In that respect, we may want to “offer up” such a difficulty, or carry the cross of it on through life like any other difficulty.
We all seem to want choices but many of us seem to flunk the really important ones.

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  1. Good to see the return of Sam Brady, without the long wait for the teletext page to update! Now that's progress!

    A dentist friend of mine was telling me once how almost overnight sometime around the 80s or 90s the magazines in the waiting room that were aimed at teenage girls went from horses, fashion and cooking, to advice on contraception and how to please your man!

    Whilst the former were was perhaps out of touch with the modern teenager, the latter in my opinion goes to far.

    When youngsters are exposed to adult vices such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and sex too young, they don't learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

    As a teenager I got enormous pleasure out of building simple electronic projects out of Practical Electronics magazine (even if what I built was useless crap!) developing my own films (or at least trying, the results weren't great) studying the value of stamps and going to the local stamp shop in case something worth a few quid had slipped into the 5p bin.

    Not that I wasn't interested in sex, me and my mate came up with all sorts of cunning plans to buy a copy of playboy around the age of 14, with notes supposedly from my older brother - which they saw right through, but we found another shopkeeper who saw us looking at the shelf and flipped through one of the magazines ("this one is the best, you like?") but at least it was quite academic at that stage!