Thursday, 9 August 2012

Don't talk AT me, please. This is not a soap opera.

Why do so many people these days, upon meeting you, strike up what they imagine to be a conversation - i.e. the non-stop story of their lives, an emptying of their thoughts, littered with random opinions and details of how their various sexual relationships went wrong (never their fault, of course).

And it's all usually delivered with no pauses for interjections.

If you do manage to get a word in edgeways it goes straight over their heads and they carry on with their "me, me me" narrative. BORING!

Can we perhaps blame TV soap operas for the dumbing down, the loss of eloquence, among British people?

In EastEnders, for instance, one often finds characters spouting their dreary escapades as if they are important revelations of the eternal verities.

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